The Weinstein Syndrom

As many people around, my level of irritation is growing when I see the hysterical behavior of journalists and media in general about the Weinstein story - and many similar ones. Like in many aspects of social and political life, I can see signs of clear dysfunctional behavior both on the side of those molesters, and in the way medias talk about them. And like in many other areas, I am appalled by the total lack of common sense, leaving room to emotions, hysteria and also to the development of hidden agendas.

Madonna being harrassed by Weinstein many years ago...

What we have been reading about over the past months and notably after the start of the Weinstein scandal are related to three types of very different behaviors: forced sexual relations with adults, sexual relations with under-aged persons (the legal definition of that term depending on the country), and a growing number of accusation of "aggressive or shocking behaviors", from the infamous Trump's pussy grabbing to simply an insistent look.

Unless you are a hot supporter of total war and hate between sexes, like some of past and present so-called "feminists" can be, the situation is not so simple and each case has to be considered in a sober and practical way, something most observers are unable or unwilling to do.

It is a fact through history that the relation between men and women never was simple and for a very long period was totally controlled by men, at least on the surface. And yes, many men are driven by their dick much more by their brain or heart. Yes, violence gave the upper hand to men in the past, and it is good that the evolution over the past couple of centuries considerably helped to stop that, unfortunately far from totally, as we see from statistics about domestic violence in most countries of the world. There is still a long way to go.

But the hot stories we get everyday from medias are generally related to another world. The world of money, power and fame.

This world, and even more now in a society of consumption and futility, creates a number of dysfunctions, or even distortions, like very large planets can bring distortions in the way light travels through the universe. Any honest reporting on the events we hear about today should also take that in consideration.

It should be clear for all that forcing someone into a sexual relation by physical or psychological violence is not acceptable, but in that dysfunctional world of Hollywood, things are a bit more complicated.

Lets start with those accusation of "shocking" behavior.

We read about a journalist accusing a producer of putting his hand on her knee during a dinner. Is that shocking or is it simply part of a male/female ritual that could eventually end up in bed? If a men had done the same move while sitting next to her in the metro, she probably would have hit him in the face and gone away. She did not do it that evening with the producer, why?

Prestige, money (lots of), fame are the values of those people and of the ones circling around them. A lot of people are ready to be grabbed or much more to be part of that fascinating world. This may be shocking to some, but reality is tough and the faked puritanism of our media is just laughable. Some of those powerful producers or show business bosses use that situation and simply "try" like the one putting his hand of that journalist's knee, but I do not see any shocking of illegal behavior there. The red line is when someone starts to heavily insist and use verbal violence, black-mail or physical violence. The producer in question just left that lady alone when he understood she was not interested, so where is the offense and why should that guy be considered as a criminal?

Another interesting question is why so many "politically correct" advocates of the new puritan wave are so fast to insult and condemn people like that producer (or any person similar to that guy), when European politicians (seen in Germany or the Nordics) react in surprising mild manner to violence and rapes committed by some of those infamous migrants flooding Europe. The Maire of Cologne as I remember said that German girls should now dress differently, not to excite migrants... A minister in Northern Europe said that we should have more understanding for migrants who raped a local girl, saying - no kidding - that this is part of their culture. If so, then lets say that molesting girls and children is part of Hollywood culture and forget about the whole story!

Now about child molestation, also a hot topic now in Hollywood. It is clear that some guys crossed the red line but again the distortion generated by big money certainly plays a role in what happened and happens there. I remember several cases, where very young girls were molested by one or two famous actors during night parties in Beverly Hills villas. In many cases, a deal was found and the case was dropped after the parents of the girl accepted a big dollar compensation. But for me the real question is why did those parents agree to have the girls go to that party in the first place? Would any reasonable parents let their 13 years old girl go to a party with a few guys with the sex drive of a nuclear bomb, in a Beverly Hills villa full of booze, cocaine and LSD? What did they expect them to do? Play cards all night and watch cartoons?

They knew about it and did nothing to stop it, probably hoping for her to get a role in a famous serial or film, and get... you know what? RICH! And if this does not work, roll-out Plan B, and sue the guys for molesting the girl and get a big bag of dollars...

Same thing happened during the Michael Jackson scandal in the 90's, with many kids spending the week-end in his villa. Would you send your 10 years kid to spend days in such a place? By the way, nothing was never really proven about Jackson and I remember that one of the boys admitted after Jackson's death that the molesting story was made up by his parents to get a financial compensation, based on a somehow dysfunctional legal system in the US. Getting off the hook for money makes molesters happy, parents get money and are happy as well, and only the victim is left in the cold...

Internet and social networks definitely can help in bringing dirty stories in the open, but again this is not a place to judge. Courts are here for that, especially in countries where a million dollars shall not close the case. But do not worry, some shall find their way to get what they want. Did you realize for example that in both UK and France, a Minister suggested to move the age of consent for teenagers down to 13 years? If you cannot avoid the law.. change it!