Liberation war!

The events in Paris on November 13th have initiated a change in the behavior on the side of the French authorities. I would like to comment on what lays in front of Hollande, of the French population and of all Europe over the next months. Even some of the main media vectors now have to acknowledge that ISIS has been built and supported by a number of states. Some are acting directly and in the open like Saudi Arabia (also supplying the ideological ferment with Salafism/Wahhabism), Qatar or Turkey, while some others like US, UK or (yes!) France are more discrete, especially since Russia stepped in. About Turkey, I think there is no more doubts now after the downing of the Russian bomber on Tuesday. As a matter of fact, Hollande has the choice to continue playing with those countries, whose only goal is to topple Assad and expend chaos in the region, or to change alliances and join Russia in its effort to fight ISIS very concretely and not symbolically. In the first case he shall remain in history as a weak and coward person who sacrificed his people to serve foreign interests. In the second case he may well be reminded as the man who broke the vicious circle and pulled France, and several other EU countries that would follow, out of the NATO-led collective suicide. I hear people concerned about France adding more bombing on Syria. But here again two options are in front of Hollande. Bombing like the US or UK do, without forces on the ground is not effective and prone to errors, killing scores of civilians and fueling more hatred.

Bombing is a support function to ground forces – this is key. As neither France, and even Russia can really send troops on the group, as they would quickly be considered as invaders and not liberators, the only valid option is to work closely with the local official army, in this case the Syrian Army, providing educated intelligence and doing the actual liberation work, i.e. cleaning each village and street of the ISIS fighters. This is the strategy adopted by Russia – it works and there is no real other option. Additionally, locals guiding the bombing allows to minimize civilian casualties, which are unfortunately impossible to completely eliminate… But the fight is much larger than Syria. Syria is the place where the fire is burning like in hell, and the liberation has to start there. Iraq shall be next, in cooperation with the Iraqi Army. Then a few other hot places have to be liberated, although the situation shall be much more tricky due to the absence or the weakness of the local official authorities and army. This is Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen. Then the origin of the ISIS tsunami shall have to either radically change or be treated the same way as ISIS, this is Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and any country continuing to play games with terrorism. Those games are sinister, and they use ISIS as a puppet, provided with tons of various chemical drugs (remember the Saudi prince caught in Beirut airport with 2 tons of pills), transforming human beings (indoctrination being apparently not enough) into beheaders, torturers and multiple rapers. At a later stage a colossal reconstruction program is already in the plans to rebuild countries after years of war and destruction. This shall be the time for migrants to go home and rebuild their life in their country! Where is France? We are only at the first stage of the liberation effort and France may or may not join it, we shall probably know this week. But in all cases, French baby boomers and their children should learn that tolerance is not priority one in this world, that effort, duty and sacrifice are not words of a forgotten past, and that a society spitting on its core values is doomed. They also should look at Russia’s relationship with Islam (the real one, not the Wahhabi cancer) and understand that being tough on fanatics is not incompatible with living together with those Muslims respecting the rules of the country they live in. Rules and limits have to be clear and respected by all, this is the basis for peace. Suppressing pork in schools or cancelling Christmas events in order not to offend Muslims is ridiculous. By the way, did France did that earlier not to offend Jews? Hollande, if he really wants to become the leader needed in Western Europe, should go through a lot of changes internally and internationally, and I think about the following key actions: - create a union government with personalities from all sides of the political spectrum, selected because of their reliability, expertise and skills. A name like De Villepin comes to my mind. Sacking Valls, Taubira, Sapin and most of the others would be a great step toward sanity anyway

- exit NATO in a Gaullistic move, and use the savings as additional funds for police, justice and army

- exit Schengen and may be leave the EU, I am not sure on that one yet

- listen to professional advisers only on public security and international military issues. France has professional intelligence officers who know the world much better than BHL or Fabius

- set the rules to respect for all immigrants, making clear who is welcome and who is not. Not welcome ones should go and eventually lose their French nationality - retake control of all suburbs - kick out of the country all organizations funded by Saudi or Qatar, or linked to Wahhabism even loosely. French citizens involved should lose it and expelled if coming from the immigration, or be severely punished

- openly and generously encourage all Muslim organizations willing to support the “de-wahhabitization” of the community

- reduce or cancel cooperation with countries supporting terrorism like Saudi or Qatar About how Muslims should feel in France, I wish they could use words similar to those recently used by the Mufti of the Russian Federation: “The Caliphate is when we all live together. For us this Caliphate has a name: Holy Russia”. Yes Mr Hollande, this is war, but not only against ISIS. - The war is against the cowards who did nothing when Islamism started to develop in Afghanistan, then developed in other countries - The war is against the lesson givers asking for regime change in countries they never visited and know nothing about - The war is against double language and the fear of real words - The war is against the countries financing Wahhabism - The war is against the prophets of ultra-liberalism and the monsters it generated - The war is against EU bureaucrats spitting on democracy and ready to sacrifice populations, like in Greece, to save the banks - The war is against wrong priorities, making Education less important than consumption Shall the war be also against you, Mr Hollande? You shall decide soon!